Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?
We don’t have an age limit but any 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult bouncing. Adults are free with 4 and under but must have trampoline socks.
Do spectators need to pay just to watch?

Not at all, only those actually bouncing need to pay and what’s more we have a lovely cafe for you to sit and watch your children from.

Do you do parties?
Absolutely YES! We make sure your kids have a fantastic time for their parties. All include trampoline time and private party rooms and great food too. Call us on 363 2020 for more details.
Do you have a cafe with wifi?

We do indeed. Lexie’s Lunches our cafe serves delicious food, coffee and cakes and wifi is free.

What's involved in Tots Time?

Our tots times are just an open bounce for under 5’s, all children need to bounce with a parent but parents bounce free and it’s just the children you pay for. £7 per child. No older children are allowed so it’s super safe for your little ones to have fun.